Saturday, April 22nd,
8am-2pm CST/9am-3pm EST

Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your personal and professional growth through their proven process of Master Conversations. Cassandra and Natalie are experts in guiding you through:

  • Action-based conversations 
  • Powerful insights 
  • Clarity on your path to success
  • Accelerated growth and results

Their unique approach is designed to help you gain the confidence, clarity, and motivation needed to achieve your goals and build a legacy that lasts. Whether you are a business owner, professional, or individual looking to reach your full potential, Cassandra and Natalie are inviting you to join their community of like-minded individuals who are committed to living their best lives and creating a positive impact in the world.

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Take my Timeline Summit will answer these key questions:

  • What is time, really? 
    How does time work FOR me? 
  • Why is time (not money) my MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE? 
  • How do I master time management?

Registration Includes:

  • Take my Hangers Replay + Workbook
  • Take My Timeline Workbook
  • Resource List 
  • Limited-time access to all Replays
  • Q&A time

Saturday, April 22nd,
8am-2pm CST/9am-3pm EST

Cassandra Bruington is an educator, speaker, and connector who uses her gift of encouraging others to pursue purpose and use their God-given talents to make the world better – starting with themselves and their families. She thrives in building relationships through humor, humility, and connection while empowering children, parents, and educators to reach their fullest potential. Cassandra launched her virtual tutoring business Supplemental Education LLC in 2020 to ensure that children grow and thrive in the world. In two years, her business has supported more than 10 families in six cities around the country. Her students’ results range from 100% on math assessments to scoring in the 82nd percentile in a global reading assessment. Cassandra knows how to accelerate progress and growth through action-based conversations, Master Conversations! While she helps busy parents support their children, Cassandra is embracing a life of rest as a legacy-building mom, friend, and world traveler!

Natalie Lee Martin is a prophetic teacher, speaker, and coach. Natalie’s passion is to help visionaries find longevity and success in the marketplace. As an author, she has published four books during the pandemic, two of which have become Amazon’s #1 Best Seller. As a former educator (middle and high school math teacher) for almost 20 years, she realized that although concepts and principles don’t change very much, methods do. Her mission is to impact future generations today, so she guides her clients through transformation beginning with their mindset in order to leave a legacy for the generations.  As a Clarity Coach, Natalie has been able to help over 150 visionaries gain clarity in their business and life. She has also served as the keynote speaker at various conferences, retreats and events including Fresh Manna: The Worship Weekend, The BOSS Up Bootcamp, HealHer Retreat, Journey To The Kingdom, Queens Forever Connection, and Esther’s: Chosen By A King. Amongst all her accomplishments, her greatest is being a military wife to her phenomenally supportive husband and mother of five creatives.

Session 1: What is time? 

Lunch Break

Session 2: How do I make time work for me? 

Session 3: Why is time my most valuable resource? 

Session 4: How do I steward my time well? 

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